The ‘it’ word

Ikit ng Bayan Opinion

It’s free to dream and not to boast. I have so many dreams in life that so far step by step I have accomplished them, one by one, with the help of some people and through the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I know that some of you have the same dreams as I.

I have dreamt to finish my studies and so I did, I have dreamt to find a job where I can learn more of what I have graduated from and so I did. I have dreamt to organize events to be of good help to people and so I did. I have dreamt to have a business that generates daily good income and now I am having it. I have dreamt to travel the world and so thank God I’m having it. I have a dream of having my own house and lot and by God’s grace may He grant it. I have a dream to have my own personal car and hopefully soon I can have it. I have dreamt to have my one love and build a family with him and I’m feeling it; he will. I have a dream that my family, relatives, friends, colleagues at work and my love one will get to know Jesus, repent from their sins and accept him as their personal saviour just like what I did. I may not be perfect because sometimes I am still tempted by the devil to act and think badly but by the Holy Spirit I still have conscience and I am corrected.

What is your dream? Surely some of you dream the same thing as I. And there is nothing wrong on dreaming on these things that will complete us. Never stop dreaming when someone asked you “Ano na ngay plano mo? What’s your next plan in life?” And admit it, you feel irritated when things like these were asked right?

However, learn to listen from others especially on the older ones and be observant of the things and happenings around you for it is where you will have a good idea somehow. In the Bible (KJV) Luke 1:37, “for with God nothing shall be impossible.” This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter who always reminds you, “Ti panagkaykaysa, mangiwanwan iti naranyag nga pagsayaatan.” This is iKit ng Bayan.