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  • Protecting our Maritime Borders

    The recent complaint by our Filipino fishermen of Chinese coast guards confiscating their catch in disputed areas in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) reveals the inability of the country’s naval forces in effectively patrolling our maritime borders. The issue is not whether China really owns these contested islands, shoals and reefs in the…

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  • Kiss focus

    The recent antic of President Rodrigo Duterte, kissing an OFW, seems to have caught the attention of almost everybody and for some the sort of act by the chief executive worthy of opinions. However,  I read a post in Facebook where some netizens pointed out the obvious in that the kiss somehow diverted the attention…

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  • The truth about drug epidemic

    There is nothing simple when it comes to the illegal drugs trade still prevalent in the country. Even with ‘Operation Tokhang’ and the incessant waging of the war on drugs by the present administration of President Rodrigo Duterte there seems to be no end to the discovery of huge caches of illegal drugs particularly ‘shabu’…

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  • Recouping losses carnival style

    After operating for some time at the Children’s playground at Burnham Park Balthazar Ola of Linked-In Corporation is asking for the extension of his carnival operation after it is set to expire at the opening of classes this June. The carnival begun its operation three months back after it was able to secure an approval…

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  • Court of every resort

    The Supreme Court is considered as the final and ultimate stage of legal determination and its decision is given great weight in matters involving the interpretation of the law. In any legal matter brought to its attention it becomes the duty of the highest court of the land to give its own interpretation of what…

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  • District I hosts Pasadang Pambarangay

    The Pasadang Pambarangay program of the Office of the City Mayor thru its Special Services Division was conducted this Friday at the covered court of Pacdal Barangay with two hundred seventy seven beneficiaries from the five barangays comprising District I. The start of the program proper was initiated by Mr. Noel Mabutas, Community Affairs Officer…

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  • Bato goes to jail

    The title above is a simple play of words but one that highlights the intense campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte in his administration’s war against drugs.

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  • Rehabilitating the environment

    With Proclamation 475 issued by President Rodrigo Duterte the six-month closure of the world famous Boracay resort in the municipality of Malay, Aklan Province has begun. This will pave way for the organized rehabilitation of the world class resort to forestall and prevent further environmental degradation brought about by the negligent and reckless development and…

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  • Pasadang Pambarangay goes to Fairview

    In the continuing commitment for the immediate delivery of service to the public especially among those who have less in life and living in poverty, the City Mayor’s Office thru its Special Services Division has once again implemented its Pasadang Pambarangay program this time in Fairview Barangay at their covered court. For almost twenty years…

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  • Just the facts please

    I had the occasion to open the online version of the Manila Times and in my scan its news and opinions I came to the column of Ma. Isabel Ongpin which was entitled ‘Baguio Up In Arms’. Now while the column piece itself may seem interesting enough, especially for Baguio residents such as myself, since…

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