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Ikit ng Bayan

  • The importance of sister city and municipality

    Sister city, twinning, twin towns, partnership town, and friendship town–with its many terms, the meaning and concept do not change in these modern days after the World War II. During the Second World War, there was a need for world peace and mutual understanding through educational, economic growth, cultural, spiritual beliefs and etc… This was…

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  • Improving the solid waste management in LT

    Benguet Province has 13 municipalities with 140 barangays and its capital is the municipality of La Trinidad. Because of the capital’s growing population, the need of improving the solid waste management is a priority. Bantay Basura Program gives 30% to 40% decrease of residual garbage in the municipality of La Trinidad within its implementation of…

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  • June 3 declared as Bicycle Day

    June 3 was declared Bicycle Day in the City of Baguio in support of the International World Bicycle Day. Resolution Number 116 of 2018 acknowledges the contribution of cycling to the world’s sustainable development goals. Baguio City now encourages its citizens to use bicycles as a means of transportation. Aside from the health benefits derived…

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  • Baguio-Benguet preparation for the rainy season

    This 2nd quarter of the year, we have heard and seen news from tri-media and social media of the road accidents that caused grief and diminished family members. Now different government agencies were alerted and cautious under their jurisdiction of work. Is it human error? The driver is either sleepy or drunk. Is it a…

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  • Strengthening organic agriculture

    The public demand on organic agriculture nowadays is the talk in the business world. Some establishments do not totally shift on selling organic products but having organic products in their stores is highly recommended by their clients. As we have noticed, the people are now cautious on their health and lifestyle that they usually go…

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  • Plastic and more plastics

    May 1 is a memorable date to everyone – the moment that two places regulate the use and selling of plastic in Baguio City and the Municipality of La Trinidad and providing penalty to any violators – has a big impact to the adjustment of the public. Whereas, Chapter 1, section 3 of RA 7160…

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  • Who is my barangay official?

    You might have a hard time choosing who to vote for Barangay Captain and Barangay Kagawad on your respective barangays just because some of them are your close friend or some of them are relatives or even immediate family. But guess what iKit, we will give you a simple tip to choose easily. Spell LEADER.

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  • Alternative livelihood when mining stops

    Benguet province is known for mineral and agricultural industry. However, there will come a time that definitely all of these mining companies will stop operation somehow in the future. And so what is now the alternative livelihood we could offer for the people of Benguet? Governor Crescencio Pacalso said that Benguet is also known for…

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  • Itogon, the Land of Golden Opportunities

    The province of Benguet has so much to offer like for example the first class municipality and the land of golden opportunities, Itogon. However, I will not write down about the tons of gold but what else can this municipality offer aside from it. Do you know that because of its hot temperature, different fruits…

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  • New LT municipal building, suntok sa buwan?

    Everyone seems to be in favour of this long overdue project for municipal building of La Trinidad. However, it may only be a matter of time, budget and sacrifices before it will push through. Mayor Romeo Salda said that from the General Saving Funds of La Trinidad and Supplemental Budget or probably a loan from…

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