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  • Have you done your part to educate your child?

    Parents play a vital role in molding a child to reach his full potential.  It is in the home where children learns the foundations of education and develop values which help them achieve their goals in life. According to the research conducted by the National Education Association, a strong parent, child and educator relationship helps…

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  • Our legacy as educators are beyond measure

    Two years ago, when I was in a supermarket, one of my 5th Grade students several years ago called my attention. With a few minutes of conversation, he narrated that he just finished his Bachelor’s degree as a lawyer and he is preparing for the bar exam. As his former teacher, I was so happy…

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  • Teaching in the 21st century K-12 classroom

    When one is asked of his or her idea of K-12 curriculum, he may say, “the use of Ilokano, Tagalog, Kankana-ey, Ibaloi, and other local languages in the classroom.” Someone may also say that K-12 program makes high school graduates employable, or that students have 12 years of preparation before college, and so on. These…

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  • Graduation newsfeed

    Graduation posts flooded on my newsfeed lately, every gesture of graduates were being documented and posted on face book. It is overwhelming how joyful the parents are and families gathered to witness the graduation of their child, niece, nephews, and relatives, all of this becomes a memory captured in one photo. Like me, I saw…

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  • BES, bugged third place in Cultural Festival

    The grade 5 and grade 6 pupils of Balili Elementary School won third place out of 16 schools participated last October 6, 2017 during the Cultural Festival held at the Municipal Gym. Specifically they had shown Cordillera Dance.

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  • DepEd Order No. 11, s. 2018

    DepEd Order No.11, s. 2018 is the guidelines on the preparation and checking of school forms for the preparation, updating and evaluation of school forms in basic education starting end of the school year 2017-2018.

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  • A teacher’s story

    Teaching is the noblest profession among all professions in the world. It entails a lot of sacrifices, understanding and patience. But, there are no words that can ever describe the fulfilment that a teacher feels after seeing a pupil change for the better because of his/her influence in the life of that pupil. It might…

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  • Role of school leaders in inclusive education

    It’s a rare opportunity to be attending an International Conference at SEAMEO InnoTech Center at Quezon City last March 6-8, 2018. With its theme “Thriving in the Margins: Inclusive education Re-imagined”. It is still occasional to have learned from global speakers and lecturers who are top caliber and are excellent in their field.

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  • Diploma is not only the determinants of success

    As the end of this month approaches and we are looking forward for the month of April which is the season we are looking for, since this is the time for receiving certificates and diploma which means a milestone in life.  For the Grade six learners, this means it is the end of childhood life…

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  • The value of instructional materials

    As a school head for two years, I learned a lot during classroom observation and about the Enhanced Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (EIMES) for elementary and secondary teachers.

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