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Ikit ng Bayan

  • Prime days

    Happy Elderly Filipino Week to all our iKit there! With its theme this year “Pagkilala sa kakayahan, ambag at paglahok ng mga nakakatanda sa lipunan”. The Elderly Filipino Week is observed every first week of October by virtue of Proclamation No. 470 signed on Sept. 26, 1994, by then President Fidel Ramos. The proclamation spells…

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  • PRO—

    Problem, project, promotion. What is the problem? To solve the problem, there must be a project proposal. Public Information (Transparency) Promotion is the solution.  If you notice, with every project along the public road, the local government unit puts a tarp at the beginning and end of each road project because it’s a must. 

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  • Na-bully ka na ba?

    On September 12, 2013, Republic Act No. 10627, entitled “An act requiring all elementary and secondary schools to adopt policies to prevent and address the acts of bullying in their institutions” was passed by the 15th Congress. Apat na taon na ang nakakaraan mga iKit, safe pa ba ang mga apo, pamangkin at inaanak ninyo?…

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  • IKit ng Bayan (Hi Dang-at!)

    Naimbag nga aldaw iKit kasta met kenka Dang-at. Sapay kuma ta han kayo nga agum-uma iti napintas tayo latta met a programa. Ket agdingdingeg kayo metla aya? Ket wen apo, sinukatan mi ti nagan ah Dungo Ng Bayan iti “IKit ng Bayan sa ZRadio 98.7 FM” alas diyes ti agsapa agingga ala una iti malem….

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  • Shred

    There are different kinds of problems in each municipality of Benguet but it has come to the attention of many that garbage is one of the biggest budget consuming problems of the province. Under the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) budget last year, one of the 16 barangays of La Trinidad, Benguet was given P600,000 to…

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  • People’s proposal

    Some people nowadays are afraid to cross pedestrian lanes simply because of over-speeding vehicles even if the traffic light is red, that means stop. Biruin mo naka-red na ang traffic lights pero sige pa rin, wala nang madaanan sa pedestrian lane dahil dito na mismo inihihinto ng mga driver ang kanilang sasakyan. Kapansin-pansin yan along…

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  • Best interest, the PP

    The city government of Baguio and its nearby municipalities duly respect each other’s ordinance as the guidelines of their governance, thus, it is what the people follow and believe. It is their decisions that actually make or break us. Either way, it depends on us whether we choose the right or the wrong one. Now…

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  • Garbage receptacles

    How knowledgeable are you about segregation in Solid Waste Management? How can you help in solving our garbage problems? There is now an ordinance in La Trinidad, Benguet that might help us lessen our garbage and be disciplined in segregating wastes. “Requiring the Installation of Garbage Receptacles inside Public Utility Vehicles plying the Jurisdiction of…

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  • Excavation

    The series and sporadic excavation, digging of roads that causes road and traffic problem seems to be the headache of residents in the Municipality of La Trinidad. Addressing this problem of excavation, holes and diggings came about the attention of the weekly Sangguniang Bayan Session, Zoning Administrator and Municipal Planning Development (MPDO) Mr. Emerson Tabernero…

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  • Roses are red

    The La Trinidad Cut flower and Ornamental Growers Association (LATCOGA) are now located  at the right side of the  parking space in La Trinidad near the Public Market since June of this  year when the Municipal government of La Trinidad removed the Trade Fair last May.  Mayor Romeo K. Salda said there are four known…

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