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  • ABCs of getting high grades

    Achieving high grades could be an easy as memorizing your ABC when you have a balanced life. When it seems your goal of getting high grades is not materializing, try these simple ABCs. Attend classes regularly. Avoid making unnecessary absences.

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  • Contextualized teaching and learning

    Meet your students where they are… One teaching strategy to let students relate lessons learned in school to daily life is contextualization through indigenization and localization. Curriculum mapping, integrative teaching as well as thematic teaching are ways to determine the entry point of integrating localization to simplify lessons to make learning worthwhile. Learning competencies could…

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  • Students at risk

    Each pupil is different in terms of learning ability, academic standards, classroom learning and academic performance and each unique style in learning.

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  • Triangular tandem

    “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. This is impossible for parents to do if they themselves do no commit themselves to learning how to be responsible parents. It is in the home that a child receives education; it…

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  • The generosity of a teacher

    Yet again, teaching indeed is the “noblest” profession for it entails passion, patience, and sacrifices to be in this profession. Teaching is not the highest paid profession in our country. In fact, some of the teachers are seen selling all sort of stuff in the premises of the school. Still some of them probably go…

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  • Role of educational research in policy making

    It has always been the mandate of the Department of Education to advance in our educational system. Educational policies are running far ahead of educational research, whether the initiative is from the school or from our Department, these ideas are being advanced or done with the little knowledge about how far they might work. Though…

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  • Cellphone and its effects to students

    I usually commute (ride on a public vehicle) going to my work place and I observed that most of the students who are inside the jeepney are either listening to music from their cell phones through their headset, scrolling their facebook page, playing games, and texting. Seldom would I see a student scrolling on his/her…

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  • Savoring the Liturgical mass

    “The most important moments in life are the hours of prayer and adoration. They give birth to a human being, fashion our true identity: the root our existence in mystery.” Cardinal Robert Sarah First Friday mass is usually celebrated during the first Friday of the month at PCNHS quadrangle. The mass is scheduled per grade…

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  • Campus Journalism and its vital role in achieving Education for All

    “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World” is the ASEAN summit 2017 theme. Change is the ultimate purpose of this very significant event. Philippines is so honoured and blessed to host this event under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte who popularized the tag line “Change is coming.” According to Nelson Mandela, what is the most…

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  • What makes quality education

    Quality Education is one of the key thrusts of the Department of Education today and quality education in our country is most often measured through the National Achievement Test (NAT). It is an examination given annually in March to assess the competency in core subject areas like Math, English, Science Filipino and HEKASI. It is…

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