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  • Making teaching-learning experiences fun and meaningful

    Education is a continuous process of learning. Within this continuous process is the uninterrupted or sustained interest of learners. Therefore, continuous learning would be possible if a learner has sustained interest. The learners are enjoying and find meaning in what they are learning. We consider this as authentic learning. In order to achieve authentic learning,…

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  • ALS: A life saver

    Life is nurtured by our environment and a safe environment is the greatest gift we can give to our children. Alternative Learning System uses a tagline “A Life Saver” to promote the program. It is a true claim because it has helped a lot of out-of-school youths and out-of-school adults to improve their lives through…

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  • DepEd Baguio’s my school, my home program

    The youth is the hope of the nation. This famous saying is true since the future of our country greatly depends upon the youth who will be the next leaders in our mother land. The most effective tool in preparing future great leaders is proper education. We all know that schools provide learning experiences to…

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  • Sound education speaks louder through action research

    “The Chosen Ones”- This label was indeed a confidence booster and at the same time a challenge to the teacher researchers during the two-day enhancement training of Schools Division of Benguet on Action Research Implementation and Manuscript Writing held at Adivay Hall, Wangal La Trinidad on August 3-4, 2017. I was overwhelmed to hear these…

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  • Learning to read in between the lines

    “If you can read this, thank your teacher.” Reading is a primary skill that we all use in everyday of our lives, from reading important notices, directions to understanding information. This makes the development of reading skills for learners necessary, not only for their academic success, but also for their daily living. Unfortunately, reality bites….

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  • The need of attending PTA meetings

    Some say that the best way to show our love to others is spending our time with them. This is a fact during Parents and Teachers’ Association meetings. Parents and teachers go hand in hand in ensuring the academic success of every child or pupil. If one neglects his or her responsibility, then the goal…

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  • A plea to parents of today

    Education is a collective effort between parent, teacher, and student. We can all agree that learning can be enhanced with the cooperation of everyone not only between the teacher and the student. The parents of today are very busy, that is why education is left in the hands of the teachers.  There are some things…

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  • Misconceptions on ALS

    Is finishing ALS really that easy? Before going on, may I refresh your memory, Alternative Learning System (ALS) is an educational system that is equivalent to the formal school system which gives chance to out of school youths (OSYs) or out of school adults (OSAs) to finish their elementary or junior high school education. They…

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  • Quality school equals quality education

    It is again time for back to school which also marks another start of exercising our right to quality education. More than just a privilege, our right to quality education is realized in a quality school. What is quality education and when can we say that our school can be regarded as quality one? According…

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  • A teacher is a learner’s mom

    Recalling five years ago after how many months of teaching a batch of learners, I received a text message from one of them saying, “Mom, may pasok po ba bukas?” (Mom, do we have learning sessions tomorrow?). I thought he just misspelled the word Ma’am so, I decided to catch his attention about that matter…

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