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  • Legislator bats for use of City Hall as Art Museum

    There can be no better declaration of support from the City Government of Baguio for local artists and their art than by allowing them to exhibit their works in the lobby of City Hall when possible, and along the empty walls of its public halls as a viewing gallery for the public and interested buyers…

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  • Podium car parking in several areas in the city pushed

    With the realization that the City of Baguio has been recording the highest number of visitors or travelers every twenty four hours (24), based on the report and census of the Department of Tourism –Cordillera Administrative Region (DOT-CAR), three lawmakers in the city has filed a resolution to request for the construction of a podium…

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  • A disturbing facet of the war on drugs

    President Duterte’s continuing campaign on the war on drugs, apart from the brutal and assailed extra judicial killings (EJKs), has generated another disquieting aspect of the campaign, and that is the reported extortion activities allegedly being done by some policemen to line their pockets. The recent discovery by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) of…

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  • The ploy of the President

    Not many eyebrows were raised when President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to occupy islands that the Philippines claim it owns on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Many may even consider that this is the natural progression of events leading to the assertion that the Philippines have every…

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  • The cost of peace

    The peace negotiating panels from the side of the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the government under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte seem to be on the verge of securing an interim ceasefire accord that would hopefully bring relative calm in the countryside particularly in those areas where the New Peoples Army (NPA) and…

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  • Alderman mulls ban of airsoft games in city parks

    Concerned with safety issues in the conduct of airsoft games in the City of Baguio, City Councilor Faustino Olowan has filed with the city council a proposed measure to ban airsoft games and related activities in all parks of the city. In his proposal Councilor Olowan posited the view that parks should be a peaceful…

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  • Alderman sees healthier and cleaner public market

    Putting a premium on the health of the citizenry as his main goal City Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. has filed a proposed ordinance that would require all talipapa vendors and their helpers selling both at the public and private markets in the city to wear color-coded aprons while plying their trade and imposing sanctions for…

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  • Heightened security awareness in school campuses, proposed

    It is the policy of the City Government of Baguio to provide a safe and healthy environment for its constituents, taking into consideration all the sectors in the community which include, among others, public and private learning and educational institutions. This is the one of the explanations cited in the proposed ordinance authored by city…

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